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  • A Close Call With a Saw

    A veteran carpenter describes what happened when his hand accidentally came in contact with a spinning saw blade. Fortunately for him, the saw was equipped with flesh-sensing technology.

  • ICC Building Safety Month

    Simpson Strong-Tie is one of several sponsors of the International Code Council's 2016 Building Safety Month, which wraps up at the end of the month. As part of the campaign, the company is offering educational materials about building and retrofitting code-compliant decks.

  • Inspecting Decks

    An experienced deck contractor is probably better qualified than a design pro to inspect a deck for possible problems

  • High-End Deck Failures

    High-end decks are just as likely to have construction defects as low-end decks

  • Midwest Deck Makeover

    Swooping trusses, lighted columns, and a Craftsman aesthetic add a distinctive flair to this deck replacement


    Playing With Fire

    A waterfall built into a privacy wall dances in the firelight at night

  • Do You Know Where Your Deck Photos Are?

    A deck builder recalls his surprise at seeing a photo of one of his ipe decks being used in promotional materials for bamboo

  • Five Products to Make Jobsites Safer

    Enhanced safety products for the jobsite includes better work gloves, several alternatives to basic safety glasses, and a drill/vacuum that takes the dust out of boring into concrete. Charles Wardell of Remodeling takes a look at what's on the market.

  • Calculating the Real Costs of Labor

    Labor costs include not only the hourly wage or salary but also something called the field labor burden-insurance, medical benefits, uniforms, cell phones, and a variety of other expenses indirectly related to maintaining employees in the field. Seattle-based consultant Judith Miller takes a look...

  • Dealers Alter Treated-Wood Mix

    It's going to be tougher to find treated wood rated for above-ground uses at your local lumberyard. A survey by Pro Sales magazine finds a growing number of dealers plan on eliminating above-ground-rated lumber and offering only ground-contact lumber in the future. Among the reasons for the switch...

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