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  • Easing Financial Anxiety

    A variety of circumstances can induce financial anxiety among builders, including ignorance about the true costs of being in business and not knowing what types of projects are the real money-makers. In this Journal of Light Construction feature, Shawn McCadden offers some advice on how to avoid...

  • Home Depot Computers Hacked

    Contractors who rang up purchases at Home Depot with a credit card earlier this year should pay particular attention to their statements. The company confirmed its computer system was hacked, exposing customers to credit card fraud. The retailer was already the subject of a class action lawsuit...

  • Building a Deck Above an AC Compressor

    Provide enough clearance for the unit to operate properly and to allow workers to safely access it for maintenance and repair

  • Anti-Social Media

    Readers who don't want to register with a social media platform can still submit comments, either by email or by starting a discussion on the PDB Forums

  • Fire-Resistant Decks

    Using the right decking material makes a big difference in areas prone to wild fires

  • Which Comes First: Hot Tub or Deck?

    If you've never installed a hot tub, you may be surprised by how many variables you need to address before framing a deck around one

  • Fypon Woodgrain Structural Columns

    Steel-reinforced polyurethane holds up better than wood to insects and moisture

  • Insect Shield Bug-Repellant Work Apparel

    Shirts, socks, caps, and more keep pests away even after repeated washing

  • Clear Estimates Speeds Estimating Process

    Get your summer and fall backlog all lined up with this quick and easy estimating software.

  • WordPress Websites

    WordPress is a useful tool that allows non-pros to create a website and optimize it for both desktop computers and mobile devices

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