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  • Dealers Alter Treated-Wood Mix

    It's going to be tougher to find treated wood rated for above-ground uses at your local lumberyard. A survey by Pro Sales magazine finds a growing number of dealers plan on eliminating above-ground-rated lumber and offering only ground-contact lumber in the future. Among the reasons for the switch...

  • A Path to Safer Balconies

    These tricky cantilevered structures demand careful framing and waterproofing details

  • Cord Connectors

    This clever system consists of a hardened plastic shell and a pair of rubber cord stops, and will prevent you from accidentally disconnecting from an extension cord.

  • Flexible Light Strips

    Lengths of up to 165 feet of Outwater's LED Brite Lite Flex ribbons can be run with a single power cord

  • OSHA Rules on Silica Dust

    OSHA has released new guidelines that lower the amount of silica dust that workers may be exposed to while on the job. Industry trade groups complain the revised regulations will result in higher costs and construction delays, but the federal agency says 600 lives will be saved annually.

  • OSHA Plans New Guidelines

    OSHA says it will create a separate set of safety and health-program management guidelines for the construction industry. The voluntary guidelines, first published in 1989, help employers establish health and safety programs for the workplace.

  • Mike Holmes Joins Deck Safety Campaign

    Simpson Strong-Tie is partnering with Mike Holmes, professional contractor and host and creator of the TV series Holmes on Holmes, on his deck safety campaign this spring.

  • Reimagining the Backyard

    Backyard Living is a virtual magazine designed to bring together content from several different Hanley Wood publications - including Professional Deck Builder - in a new and exciting way. Each brings its own unique perspective to the outdoor living market.

  • How to Make Your Jobsite Safer

    Safety glasses and ear protection should be the norm on all jobsites, but if you're looking to go beyond the basics, several products on the market are worth a look. They include safety glasses with integral earplugs, fog-free safety goggles, and padded work gloves.

  • Make Sure You Get Paid

    Remodeling contractors often want to be liked by their clients, and that may obscure the fact the real goal in the relationship is not to make new friends but to get paid for the work that's performed. Veteran remodeler Paul Winans has some suggestions.

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