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  • Deck Skylights

    Structural glass panels can be installed in a deck to bring daylight to the area underneath it

  • Deck Maintenance Programs

    After installing a tropical hardwood deck, a savvy deckbuilder should make finishing and maintaining it a top priority.

  • Evernotes customizable desktop organizes Notebooks into Stacks (left column), and displays sorted notes from the active notebook (center), as well as the active note (right). Search results highlight every instance of the search term (bump-out in this example).

    Using Evernote Premium in Your Business

    Evernote can be used for almost any purpose that requires capturing, organizing, and retrieving information

  • End of the Road for Perennial Wood?

    After a promising beginning, Eastman Chemical decides to drop their Perennial Wood acetylated wood decking and porch flooring business

  • Klein Tools' Tradesman Pro Line of Tool Bags

    Backpacks, bags, and smaller cases are specially designed to protect electronics on the jobsite

  • Safety Glazing Near Hot Tubs Saves Lives

    Code requires safety glazing for any glass within 60 inches of the water's edge

  • Successful Hot Tub Planning

    When a hot tub is added to a deck project, make sure the tub is in a good location and that the framing is strong enough to support the extra weight.

  • Get Responsive With Your Website

    People are using mobile devices to surf the web now more than ever before. Shouldn't you be prepared to reach them? Here's why you just might want to consider making your website responsive.

  • Poor PDF Photos

    The quality of the photos in the print version of the magazine are much better than what can be printed out from the website


    Hot Tub Gallery

    Create a spa experience by setting the tub on its own level or by adding benches, lighting, and sound

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