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  • Last-minute Marketing

    You can polish up your company's image with minimal expense by using better business cards and more signs with your company's logo

  • BioClimatic Aluminum Pergola

    Aluminum louvers can be opened or closed, depending on the weather

  • Foolproof Cable Railings

    Stainless steel cable is a versatile infill choice for wood, aluminum, and steel rail systems, but make sure the posts and rails are properly designed and installed to support the extra tension loads

  • Building Outdoor Cabinets

    Use exterior-grade panel products and stainless-steel hardware to construct a kitchen with plenty of storage

  • Ladder Safety Reminder

    A fall from a stepladder can result in serious injury, so make sure you're using it properly

  • Motion-Activated LED Spotlights

    Networked wireless LEDs light up dark spaces without complicated and expensive wiring

  • Dressing Up Support Posts

    Even though 6x6 support posts are structurally adequate for most decks, they can look jarringly unfinished as well as skinny and out of proportion.

  • Kava Hut ... Philly-Style

    Polynesian influence feels right at home on a deck in Philadelphia

  • Installing a Patio Cover

    Add value and useful living space to a deck with an aluminum-framed enclosure topped by acrylic panels

  • Electrical Receptacle Mounts in the Deck Floor

    Cords run from wall outlets can pose tripping hazards, as well as being unsightly. The in-floor Red Dot Deck Grommet Pro aims to fix both problems.

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