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  • Failed Deck Had No Joist Hangers

    Nails, not joist hangers, were used to attach joists on a deck that collapsed in North Carolina over the July 4th weekend, resulting in 26 people being injured. Although the deck probably was code-compliant when new, 30 years of exposure to salt air was too much for the fasteners that held it...

  • SawStop Sues Bosch

    SawStop has filed legal complaints with a federal district court and the International Trade Commission against Bosch, seeking to block the introduction of Bosch's REAXX table saw later this year. SawStop says the new saw would infringe on its safety-feature patents.

  • Homeowner Seeks $625,000

    A Tennessee woman is seeking $625,000 after suffering what she says are permanent injuries when a deck collapsed under her. She had gone to the house to look at a puppy and was standing on the deck at the front door when it gave way. She claims the homeowners are negligent.

  • Last-minute Marketing

    You can polish up your company's image with minimal expense by using better business cards and more signs with your company's logo

  • BioClimatic Aluminum Pergola

    Aluminum louvers can be opened or closed, depending on the weather

  • Foolproof Cable Railings

    Stainless steel cable is a versatile infill choice for wood, aluminum, and steel rail systems, but make sure the posts and rails are properly designed and installed to support the extra tension loads

  • Building Outdoor Cabinets

    Use exterior-grade panel products and stainless-steel hardware to construct a kitchen with plenty of storage

  • Ladder Safety Reminder

    A fall from a stepladder can result in serious injury, so make sure you're using it properly

  • Motion-Activated LED Spotlights

    Networked wireless LEDs light up dark spaces without complicated and expensive wiring

  • Dressing Up Support Posts

    Even though 6x6 support posts are structurally adequate for most decks, they can look jarringly unfinished as well as skinny and out of proportion.

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