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Ins and Outs of Mechanic's Liens

Ins and outs of mechanic’s liens

Contract Language Is Key to Avoiding Litigation

Putting everything in writing, from scope to payment schedule, helps make expectations clear


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  • Great Views, But No Permit

    A homeowner in Albuquerque, N. M., has a garage-top deck with a protective roof and great views of the Sandia Mountains. The problem is, he didn't get a building permit and has now been served with a violation notice from the city.

  • Evaluation Service Goes to Court

    The ICC Evaluation Service, which tests building materials to ensure they are code-compliant, has sued the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAMPO), alleging copyright violations of its evaluation reports.

  • A Win for Flesh-Sensing Technology

    A court ruling in Florida sends a signal to manufacturers of table saws: Incorporate a flesh-sensing feature that prevents injury, or face lawsuits from customers who are injured. The technology is currently offered by a single manufacturer in the U.S.

  • Understanding Your Photo Rights

    When you're posting photos on your website, understanding copyright laws and the principles of Fair Use will help you protect your rights and avoid legal hot water.

  • Failed Deck Had No Joist Hangers

    Nails, not joist hangers, were used to attach joists on a deck that collapsed in North Carolina over the July 4th weekend, resulting in 26 people being injured. Although the deck probably was code-compliant when new, 30 years of exposure to salt air was too much for the fasteners that held it...

  • SawStop Sues Bosch

    SawStop has filed legal complaints with a federal district court and the International Trade Commission against Bosch, seeking to block the introduction of Bosch's REAXX table saw later this year. SawStop says the new saw would infringe on its safety-feature patents.

  • Homeowner Seeks $625,000

    A Tennessee woman is seeking $625,000 after suffering what she says are permanent injuries when a deck collapsed under her. She had gone to the house to look at a puppy and was standing on the deck at the front door when it gave way. She claims the homeowners are negligent.

  • Dream Deck Becomes Nightmare

    Dave and Ann Hartwig had hoped their six-level deck would be a great place to relax. But after building the structure without required permits, and failing to make improvements requested by officials in Wausau, Wisc., they're looking at $240,000 in fines and the risk of jail.

  • The Trick to Staying Out of Court

    It's not always possible to stay out of court when a job goes sour. But construction attorney Alex Barthet has some tips that should keep your stay in the courtroom very brief if it ever comes to that.

  • How to Find the Right Accountant

    Seven ways to avoid making a costly choice

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