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Competing in the New Economy

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  • 12 Tax-Trimming Tips

    Cut your tax bill by looking out for these deductions year-round

  • Wages Are Up

    Last year was a good one for wages in the construction industry. An analysis by the National Association of Home Builders found the median annual wage in the residential building sector was $39,000, about 10% higher than the overall median wage in the U.S. Trades in short supply, such as drywallers...

  • Filling the Labor Gap

    Young people just entering the job market, the so-called Millennials, offer construction employers a way to beat looming labor shortages. But they are more likely to choose a job with a company that has created the right working environment.

  • How to Find the Right Accountant

    Seven ways to avoid making a costly choice

  • Keen Tacoma 6-Inch Work Boots

    The hiker-style boot keeps feet comfortable on wet, cold, or hot jobsites

  • Getting Into Hardscaping

    Expand your deck business by partnering with a patio contractor

  • Fire-Resistant Decks

    Using the right decking material makes a big difference in areas prone to wild fires

  • Which Comes First: Hot Tub or Deck?

    If you've never installed a hot tub, you may be surprised by how many variables you need to address before framing a deck around one

  • Less Talking, More Doing

    Making decks safer is a better strategy for the deck building industry than scaring homeowners with deck collapse statistics

  • Deck Maintenance Programs

    After installing a tropical hardwood deck, a savvy deckbuilder should make finishing and maintaining it a top priority.

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