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  • Filling the Labor Gap

    Young people just entering the job market, the so-called Millennials, offer construction employers a way to beat looming labor shortages. But they are more likely to choose a job with a company that has created the right working environment.

  • How to Find the Right Accountant

    Seven ways to avoid making a costly choice

  • Keen Tacoma 6-Inch Work Boots

    The hiker-style boot keeps feet comfortable on wet, cold, or hot jobsites

  • Getting Into Hardscaping

    Expand your deck business by partnering with a patio contractor

  • Fire-Resistant Decks

    Using the right decking material makes a big difference in areas prone to wild fires

  • Which Comes First: Hot Tub or Deck?

    If you've never installed a hot tub, you may be surprised by how many variables you need to address before framing a deck around one

  • Less Talking, More Doing

    Making decks safer is a better strategy for the deck building industry than scaring homeowners with deck collapse statistics

  • Deck Maintenance Programs

    After installing a tropical hardwood deck, a savvy deckbuilder should make finishing and maintaining it a top priority.

  • Evernotes customizable desktop organizes Notebooks into Stacks (left column), and displays sorted notes from the active notebook (center), as well as the active note (right). Search results highlight every instance of the search term (bump-out in this example).

    Using Evernote Premium in Your Business

    Evernote can be used for almost any purpose that requires capturing, organizing, and retrieving information

  • Keeping a Lid on Workers' Comp Costs

    Have an effective safety program, properly classify your employees, and make sure your subs carry their own workers’ comp coverage

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