I recently was directed to your website for downloading PDF reprints of your articles. My hope was that I could replace the piles of clippings that I have taken from your magazine over the years with fresh copies. Unfortunately, what I found was that the size and resolution of the photos in the PDF files were miniscule in comparison to the large, beautiful photos in their printed counterparts. Large photographs are essential for clarifying points in the text; having such small photos in the PDF versions of your articles defeats this purpose.

Steve Ortiz
Elgin, S.C.

Most articles on our website (deckmagazine.com) that have appeared in print are available as PDF downloads. When you view the PDF or print it out, you’ll see that the page layout—and the size of each photo relative to the text—is virtually identical to that of a printed page. By necessity, however, the resolution of each photo is fairly low; otherwise, it would take a very long time to download a PDF article. We’re looking into ways to improve photo resolution in our PDFs while keeping file sizes to a reasonable 1.5 to 2 MB. It’s a bit of a balancing act, but one of the reasons that print isn’t dead yet is that it’s hard to replicate the quality of the printed page in a digital format. —The Editor