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  • Anti-Social Media

    Readers who don't want to register with a social media platform can still submit comments, either by email or by starting a discussion on the PDB Forums

  • Drones for Deck Builders

    Homeowners love to see aerial photos of their new deck, but check local laws before takeoff

  • Drones for Deck Builders

    In the next issue of PDB, we’ll take a closer look at how drones have become a favorite marketing tools for some deck builders.

  • Clear Estimates Speeds Estimating Process

    Get your summer and fall backlog all lined up with this quick and easy estimating software.

  • Are You Pinteresting?

    The most important social media tool for you and your deck building business? Pinterest. Here's why you should pay attention to the photo and content sharing website.

  • WordPress Websites

    WordPress is a useful tool that allows non-pros to create a website and optimize it for both desktop computers and mobile devices

  • Online Reviews Aren't Going Anywhere

    Online reviews are out there, whether you want them to be or not—and they will influence the reputation of you and your business. What's important is knowing the real from the fake and understanding when you should ignore them or take action.

  • Evernotes customizable desktop organizes Notebooks into Stacks (left column), and displays sorted notes from the active notebook (center), as well as the active note (right). Search results highlight every instance of the search term (bump-out in this example).

    Using Evernote Premium in Your Business

    Evernote can be used for almost any purpose that requires capturing, organizing, and retrieving information

  • Klein Tools' Tradesman Pro Line of Tool Bags

    Backpacks, bags, and smaller cases are specially designed to protect electronics on the jobsite

  • Get Responsive With Your Website

    People are using mobile devices to surf the web now more than ever before. Shouldn't you be prepared to reach them? Here's why you just might want to consider making your website responsive.

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