Over the past 37 years, P.J. Fitzpatrick Inc. has steadily gone from a single truck to one of the nation’s largest home improvement companies with a spot on the Remodeling 550, about 100 employees, a 25,000-square-foot headquarters and around $25 million in annual sales. While not every contractor aims for that kind of growth, the story of how the company went from “Chuck in a truck” to the big time holds lessons for contractors of every size.

One of the key ones that company founder Pete Fitzpatrick learned early on is one that a lot of owners who want to grow never understand, something that would make the difference between setting up a foundation for growth and collapsing under the weight of it. He knew he needed help. At the time, his company was doing about $5 million in business annually - most of it subbed out - with about 20 employees, including an office manager, estimators, and sales people. Even though he was already sucessful by most measures, bringing in an outside business consultant was the catalyst that brought his company to the next level.

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