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Montana Deck Collapse Injures Dozens, Five Critically

A second-story deck on a Montana lodge collapsed during a memorial event for a... More

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7 Hurt in Virginia Beach Deck Collapse

Inspectors say that a failed ledger connection led to the collapse of the second-story deck during a graduation party. More

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When is Mahogany Decking Not Made From Mahogany?

A NJ couple thought they bought 'mahogany' decking, but it started to rot within 7... More

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Knife-Plate Connections

Smugdoug is replacing a failed balcony on a Tudor bungalow with a new multi-level... More

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How I Designed and Built a Traditional Flying Portico

Jed Dixon walks us step-by-step through the design and build of a Victorian portico. More

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Two Hurt After Condo Deck Collapses

A condominium deck that fell onto a car and injured the deck's two occupants has... More

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Worcester Deck Collapse Sends Party Guests to Hospital

Nine people ended up in the hospital with minor injuries after a Massachusetts... More

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Building a Deck on Grade

Helical piers and a trenched beam provide solid support for a curved ground-level... More

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