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A Railing in Light and Shadow

This solid mahogany railing has 34 individual railing sections incorporating 567... More

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Colorado Decks Collapsing Under the Weight of Heavy Snow

Colorado homeowners are worried about snow and ice that measure in feet, not... More

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Finishing Decks and Porches With Cellular PVC Trim

It won’t rot, split, or swell due to moisture, making PVC a near-perfect exterior... More

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Installing Tile on an Elevated Deck

Talk about the thinking that goes into a great deck before the first nail is driven. More

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Wood Porch With a Tile Deck

A membrane installed between the tile and the substrate helps waterproof the... More

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Installing Cable Railings in Composite Sleeved Posts

Feeney's new video series demonstrates how to install cable railing in both level... More

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Strong Enough Fastener?

A JLC forum member has a slick concealed fastener detail for screen porch rail... More

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Cleaning mystery spots off ipe deck tiles

Even if you don’t know exactly what caused them, you may be able to get rid of them. More

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Can Ice Damage a Deck?

Ice falling from a single-story roof can't damage a deck, but a good-sized icicle... More

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An Interesting Stair Stringer Detail

The Samurai Carpenter screws pairs of beefy lag bolts into the bottom of his stair... More

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