Code for Porch Enclosures

I am a code professional and these things jump out at me. In your January/February 2009 issue, the porch enclosure article on page 45 raises several code issues.

1. Does the glass and frame comply with IRC Section R613?

2. Does the glass comply with the safety glazing requirements of IRC Section R308?

3. Does the enclosed porch now comply with the wall wind bracing requirements of IRC Section R602.10?

If not done per the minimum code requirements, the builder carries a heavy liability.

Carl C. Prescott

Engineering Plan Reviewer

City of Fairfax, Va.

At the End of the Day

I received the January/February edition of Professional Deck Builder this Saturday. Thank you for choosing the deck we built to put on your Day’s End page. We work hard to put out a great product and having our work featured in your magazine is a great reward.

Tate Smith

Granbury, Texas