A Deck Built to Fail

Flashing, fastening, framing - you name it, it needed to be fixed

Unfortunately, the new deck didn't meet code; in fact, it looked like someone had been trying to build a deck that violated every typical code requirement, starting at the foundation and continuing up from there.


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  • Faster Deck Piers

    Pin-pile deck footings promise quick installation in the right soils

  • Ground Contact Treatment Proposal Defeated

    A proposal to require ground-contact treatment for all 2x8 and wider preservative-treated dimension lumber was voted down at the American Wood Protection Association's (AWPA) annual meeting.

  • A doubled 2-by beamor girderattached to a deck ledger as shown here creates a point load that can cause the ledger to rotate outward and buckle. Even when the girder is hung directly from the rim joist, lateral-torsional buckling is possible if loads are high. Before considering this connection detail, consult with your inspector or an engineer.

    Connecting Girders to Deck Ledgers

    When deck joists run parallel to the house, the connection between the girders they hang from and the deck ledger or rim joist may need to be engineered

  • Sanding Dust Causes Fire

    Preventing hazards starts with being aware of what they are

  • Better Deck Piers Part 2

    Part 2: Best practices for forming and pouring concrete deck footings and piers

  • New Southern Pine Calculator

    A pocket-sized reference card from the Southern Forest Products Association lists span tables for floor and deck joists in nominal sizes from 2x6 through 2x12. The cards are $2 each (volume discount available) from the association's website.

  • Lateral Load Connector

    Simpson Strong-Tie's DTT1Z is designed to meet the 2015 IRC provision for using four 750-pound lateral connectors when attaching a deck to a house.

  • Guide to Ipe, Garapa, and other Hardwood Decking

    If your clients are interested in tropical hardwood decking and looking for a little guidance, have them check out this this recently-released guide by East Teak Hardwoods. Here they'll find photos, cost comparisons, and other useful information to help them understand the differences between the...

  • Managing Workers' Comp Costs

    Workers' compensation can represent 40% of an employer's total insurance costs. Writing in Remodeling, Bill Atkinson outlines some ways that employers can keep costs down.

  • Dealing With Cyber Attacks

    More construction companies are putting records in a digital format and using Internet-based communications and storage. The move toward paperless operations has its advantages, but it also makes records more susceptible to cyber attacks-raising a special set of risks for construction firms.

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