A Deck Built to Fail

Flashing, fastening, framing - you name it, it needed to be fixed

Unfortunately, the new deck didn't meet code; in fact, it looked like someone had been trying to build a deck that violated every typical code requirement, starting at the foundation and continuing up from there.


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  • A Tale of Woe in New Jersey

    Customer relations are important. A New Jersey family signed a $25,850 contract for a deck replacement last August, but the contractor managed to drag the job out until this summer when he was replaced with a new builder.

  • Second Deck Collapses in North Carolina Resort

    A deck on a seaside home in North Carolina collapsed, causing minor injuries among the nine people who were standing on it at the time. The collapse was in the same town where a deck failed over the July 4 holiday, injuring 16.

  • A Deck That Doubles as a Pool

    For about $1 million, an Israeli engineering company will be happy to install a pool in your backyard that can turn itself into a wood deck at the press of a button. The combination pool/deck is being marketed to wealthy residents who are cramped for backyard space and may need both deck and pool...

  • Attaching a Deck to Cantilevered Joists

    If you can't attach a ledger to a rim joist on a cantilevered floor, how can you build a deck on a raised ranch?

  • Cumulative Errors Led to Balcony Collapse

    Tragedies can be prevented with attention to water management and flashing

  • Updated Deck Guide Now Available

    The latest edition of the American Wood Council's Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide - commonly referred to as DCA 6 - has been updated with a new commentary section and a new tributary area calculation appendix.

  • Weight of Concrete Footings

    Prescriptive foundation sizing guidelines are based on bearing area and don’t account for the weight of the concrete used to form deep footings and piers. But should they?

  • More Details on Sizing Footings

    Loren Ross of the AWC corrects a span error in Mike Guertin's "Better Deck Piers" article (Feb/March 2015), and addresses changes to footing- and beam-span sizing tables in the DCA6

  • Ladder Safety Reminder

    A fall from a stepladder can result in serious injury, so make sure you're using it properly

  • My New Home: Craftsman Style Gate | THISisCarpentry

    Popular JLC Live presenter Gary Katz recently built an entry gate. As he explains in this article and video, the design was inspired by architectural details in the Thorsen House, a Greene & Greene 'ultimate bungalow' located in Berkeley, Calif. The cloud lift top rail is cool, of course, but...

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