A Deck Built to Fail

Flashing, fastening, framing - you name it, it needed to be fixed

Unfortunately, the new deck didn't meet code; in fact, it looked like someone had been trying to build a deck that violated every typical code requirement, starting at the foundation and continuing up from there.


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  • Lowe's Busted for Selling 'Undersized' Dimensional Lumber

    Californians who are a little fuzzy on the size of a 2x4 or 2x6 can expect some guidance, thanks to a recent ruling by the state's Superior Court. Lowe's has agreed to a $1.6 million civil settlement that requires the big-box retailer to post both actual and nominal measurements of its dimensional...

  • Five Hurt in Deck Collapse

    Two children and three adults were hurt when a deck at an apartment building in Dekalb County, Ga., collapsed, a local television station reported. One woman who lives in the building said that residents had warned building managers about the deck, and that other decks at the complex show signs of...

  • Nail Gun Safety

    Pneumatic nail guns are involved in 40,000 injuries a year that require emergency room treatment, and they are the most common cause of tool-related hospitalization among construction workers. But there is a way of reducing those numbers, according to a Duke University Medical Center professor.

  • Durarail Adds Cable Railing

    Authorized Durarail installers are now able to offer a cable railing option for their decks. The company says components snap together, resulting in a minimum of on-site work and few exposed fasteners. Posts and top rails are powder-coated aluminum, and the stainless steel cable comes in three...

  • Wood Treater Rebuilds After Fire

    Culpepper Wood Preservers is rebuilding a plant in Shelbyville, Ind., that was destroyed by fire earlier this summer. One of the largest producers of pressure-treated wood in the country, the company began work on a new plant less than a week after the fire, according to the Culpepper, Va., Star...

  • Azek Offers iPad App

    Azek Building Products has a free app that lets builders show their customers what outdoor living areas might look like with various deck, rail, and paver products. The free iPad app shows renderings in both 2-D and 3-D views, and includes access to videos and product photo galleries.

  • Deck Collapses in North Carolina

    Seven people were hurt when a deck collapsed last month in the western North Carolina community of Connestee Falls. The town's fire chief said the deck had pulled away from the side of the house, pitching people who had been standing on it to the ground. Injuries included broken bones and bruises.

  • Good Roof, Bad Stairs

    A short riser in a photo in an article on roofs catches a reader's attention

  • Field-Treating Pressure-Treated Pine

    Even though it's not required by code, it's a good idea to treat all cuts and penetrations in PT pine with copper naphthenate-if you can find it

  • More on Deck Failures

    A code enforcement officer in the Buffalo, N.Y., area believes that most decks would fail if loaded to their code-required design capacity

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