Helical Pile Deck Foundations

A New Jersey deck builder liked helical piles so much he started a new business

About two years ago, I stumbled upon a photo of a deck project that wasn't built on concrete piers, and I emailed the contractor to inquire about what he had used. His answer - helical piles - changed my business.



Steep Stair Rail

A new railing option joins CertainTeed's EverNew Kingston line

Attaching Stair Stringers

Mike Guertin adds a key detail to Kim Katwijk's stairbuilding tips

Tiling a Deck

Fiberglass grating is a sturdy, drainable substrate option for exterior stone and ceramic tile


Footings & Framing Articles

  • Concrete Decks for Coastal Homes

    Elevated concrete slabs formed with the help of structural steel panels are a good choice for wet and windy marine environments

  • Faster Deck Piers

    Pin-pile deck footings promise quick installation in the right soils

  • How Deep To Dig?

    Concrete piers for a deck should rest on undisturbed soil below frost line, but is the soil around the foundation of a 60-year-old house likely to be compacted enough to provide support?

  • Balcony Fall Kills Portland, Maine Tenant

    Tenants at a Portland, Maine, building had complained for years about the condition of the exterior porches, news outlets reported after a man plunged to his death

  • A doubled 2-by beamor girderattached to a deck ledger as shown here creates a point load that can cause the ledger to rotate outward and buckle. Even when the girder is hung directly from the rim joist, lateral-torsional buckling is possible if loads are high. Before considering this connection detail, consult with your inspector or an engineer.

    Connecting Girders to Deck Ledgers

    When deck joists run parallel to the house, the connection between the girders they hang from and the deck ledger or rim joist may need to be engineered

  • Attaching Stair Stringers

    Mike Guertin adds a key detail to Kim Katwijk's stairbuilding tips

  • Precast Deck Piers

    Deck builder and remodeler Mike Guertin tries out EZ-Tube precast pier sections to see how they compare to poured-in-place footings.

  • Building a Commercial Deck

    A grid system held up by adjustable supports simplifies construction of this rooftop deck

  • Better Deck Piers Part 2

    Part 2: Best practices for forming and pouring concrete deck footings and piers

  • Lateral Load Connector

    Simpson Strong-Tie's DTT1Z is designed to meet the 2015 IRC provision for using four 750-pound lateral connectors when attaching a deck to a house.

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