Helical Pile Deck Foundations

A New Jersey deck builder liked helical piles so much he started a new business

About two years ago, I stumbled upon a photo of a deck project that wasn't built on concrete piers, and I emailed the contractor to inquire about what he had used. His answer - helical piles - changed my business.



        Custom Stairs Built by David Bullene

Curve Appeal

This redwood deck features a curved stair with a laminated handrail and vertical stair risers

Steep Stair Rail

A new railing option joins CertainTeed's EverNew Kingston line

Attaching Stair Stringers

Mike Guertin adds a key detail to Kim Katwijk's stairbuilding tips


Footings & Framing Articles

  • Weight of Concrete Footings

    Prescriptive foundation sizing guidelines are based on bearing area and don’t account for the weight of the concrete used to form deep footings and piers. But should they?

  • Bad Deck-Ledger Behavior?

    A reader questions whether a point load on a deck ledger can actually cause a catastrophic failure of the ledger

  • More Details on Sizing Footings

    Loren Ross of the AWC corrects a span error in Mike Guertin's "Better Deck Piers" article (Feb/March 2015), and addresses changes to footing- and beam-span sizing tables in the DCA6

  • Square Cuts on Round Footing Forms

    Tips and techniques for making accurate cuts on cardboard tube forms used for concrete deck piers

  • Helping Hands for Solo Framing

    When you're framing a pergola solo, strap-on plastic post levels and a couple of well-designed braces make the job much easier

  • Are 2x6s Stronger Than 2x12s

    Virginia Tech professor Frank Woeste explains why the relative bending strength (Fb) of southern yellow pine decreases as the lumber dimension increases

  • Nova Scotia Deck collapse leads to injuries

    Emergency personnel were called to a home on Brazil Lake in Nova Scotia, on Friday afternoon, June 12, 2015 to tend to injuries after a deck collapse that was apparently caused when a support beam buckled.

  • Deck Collapse

    A deck collapse in a Chicago suburb over the Memorial Day holiday pitched seven people to the ground, but authorities said injuries were minor. A local builder and inspector said the cause was a poor connection between the deck ledger and the house, an all-too-common problem.

  • Concrete Decks for Coastal Homes

    Elevated concrete slabs formed with the help of structural steel panels are a good choice for wet and windy marine environments

  • Retrofit Post Base

    The RPBZ from Simpson can be used for new or existing connections

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