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Outdoor Showers

Salt and sand are two constants on Martha's Vineyard, thus the popularity there of outdoor showers. The ones shown here were built by Ben Kelley and his company Building Shelter Inc., located in Vineyard Haven, Mass. He uses ACQ for framing, red cedar or mahogany for walls and trim, mahogany for decking, and stainless for all fasteners. Managing moisture is easiest with free-standing showers; showers installed against a new house get special attention to flashing, including a layer of ice and water shield under the shingles; and showers added on to an existing house are held off the siding, sometimes with aluminum tubes and long anchor bolts, to allow for air circulation. And though the structures are small, there's always room for creativity: The shower at the left is hinged and on casters so it can fold up flat against the siding when not in use. - Laurie Elden