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Which of these describes your educational background?
2 or 4 year technical or liberal arts college degree 40.43%
Post-graduate degree 23.4%
High school graduate 21.28%
Some college courses 8.51%
Professional vocational training 4.26%
Vocational/Tech school graduate 2.13%

Which of the following tools are you LEAST likely to purchase in the next 12 months?
Track saw 31.51%
Green-line laser level 30.14%
Belt sander 21.92%
Oscillating multi-tool 16.44%

When choosing decking, which factor has the most influence on your clients’ final decision?
Cost 37.21%
Durability 13.95%
Maintenance 25.58%
Color 11.63%
Reputation 11.63%

In addition to regular PDB coverage of deck-focused topics, I would like to see more information on:
Related remodeling projects (such as door replacement, for example) 25.64%
Tool reviews 23.08%
Hardscaping 20.51%
None of the above; focus more on deck construction 17.95%
Business topics (marketing, estimating, financial management, hiring/firing) 2.56%

What material are you currently framing most of your decks with?
Pressure-treated lumber rated for ground contact (UC4A) 64.29%
PT lumber, but don’t know what kind 17.86%
Pressure-treated lumber rater for above-ground use (UC3B) 10.71%
Steel 7.14%

What is your favorite part of the deck-building process?
Getting paid 35%
Framing 30%
Installing the decking 15%
Designing, planning, and interacting with clients 15%
Building stairs and railings 5%
Preparing the site and installing the footings 0%

Which of these outdoor features are you most likely to include in your next project:
Hardscaping 47.62%
Pergola 23.81%
Firepit 19.05%
Outdoor Kitchen 9.52%

When installing the footings for a new deck, do you:
Work from the ground up, forming and pouring the footings first? 72.82%
Work from the top down, framing the deck on temporary supports first, and then forming and pouring the footings? 27.18%

Have you had to repair or replace any prematurely rotted (less than 10 years old) pressure-treated lumber in any of the following locations:
Decking 32.99%
Deck framing (joists, beams, or ledgers) 28.87%
Railings (including posts, guard rails, or balusters) 23.71%
Have not encountered any problems 14.43%

Where do you usually buy the PT lumber used to frame your decks?
Local lumberyard 75.64%
Big Box retailer (Lowes and/or Home Depot) 24.36%
Direct-shipped from a volume supplier 0%

Are you planning to give your employees (or yourself) a raise this year?
Yes 100%
No 0%

Did your company purchase or lease any vehicles in 2015 to take advantage of the IRS Section 179 business tax deduction?
Yes 46.67%
No 53.33%
I don't know 0%