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When hiring a new crew member, what tools do you provide?
Most power tools, including saws. Worker provides a basic tool belt, with his own hand tools. 80.25%
None. Worker is expected to provide all tools needed to perform his job. 8.64%
I provide my workers with all tools, including both a well-equipped tool belt and power tools. 8.64%
Everything in C., along with a company truck. 2.47%

Which of these trade shows will you attend in 2017?
International Builders Show 25%
JLC Live/Providence 25%
Remodeling Show/DeckExpo/JLC Live 25%
Other 16.67%
JLC Live Northwest/Portland 8.33%
International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo 0%
GIE+EXPO - Louisville 0%

If you drive a pickup truck for work, what kind is it?
Chevy/GMC 41.3%
Ford 23.91%
Dodge 15.22%
Toyota 13.04%
Nissan 6.52%
Other 0%

Looking ahead to the upcoming year, how are you feeling about the prospects for your own contracting business?
None of the above. The changes in Washington will have little or no effect on my business. 54.55%
Excited. The changes in Washington will lead to a lot of opportunities and growth. 27.27%
Nervous. The changes in Washington will create a lot of uncertainty. 18.18%
Scared. The changes in Washington will send the economy into a tailspin. 0%

Which of these describes your educational background?
2 or 4 year technical or liberal arts college degree 40.43%
Post-graduate degree 23.4%
High school graduate 21.28%
Some college courses 8.51%
Professional vocational training 4.26%
Vocational/Tech school graduate 2.13%

Which of the following tools are you LEAST likely to purchase in the next 12 months?
Track saw 31.51%
Green-line laser level 30.14%
Belt sander 21.92%
Oscillating multi-tool 16.44%

When choosing decking, which factor has the most influence on your clients’ final decision?
Cost 37.21%
Durability 13.95%
Maintenance 25.58%
Color 11.63%
Reputation 11.63%

In addition to regular PDB coverage of deck-focused topics, I would like to see more information on:
Related remodeling projects (such as door replacement, for example) 25.64%
Tool reviews 23.08%
Hardscaping 20.51%
None of the above; focus more on deck construction 17.95%
Business topics (marketing, estimating, financial management, hiring/firing) 2.56%

What material are you currently framing most of your decks with?
Pressure-treated lumber rated for ground contact (UC4A) 64.29%
PT lumber, but don’t know what kind 17.86%
Pressure-treated lumber rater for above-ground use (UC3B) 10.71%
Steel 7.14%

What is your favorite part of the deck-building process?
Getting paid 35%
Framing 30%
Installing the decking 15%
Designing, planning, and interacting with clients 15%
Building stairs and railings 5%
Preparing the site and installing the footings 0%

Which of these outdoor features are you most likely to include in your next project:
Hardscaping 47.62%
Pergola 23.81%
Firepit 19.05%
Outdoor Kitchen 9.52%

When installing the footings for a new deck, do you:
Work from the ground up, forming and pouring the footings first? 72.82%
Work from the top down, framing the deck on temporary supports first, and then forming and pouring the footings? 27.18%

Have you had to repair or replace any prematurely rotted (less than 10 years old) pressure-treated lumber in any of the following locations:
Decking 32.99%
Deck framing (joists, beams, or ledgers) 28.87%
Railings (including posts, guard rails, or balusters) 23.71%
Have not encountered any problems 14.43%

Where do you usually buy the PT lumber used to frame your decks?
Local lumberyard 75.64%
Big Box retailer (Lowes and/or Home Depot) 24.36%
Direct-shipped from a volume supplier 0%

Are you planning to give your employees (or yourself) a raise this year?
Yes 100%
No 0%

Did your company purchase or lease any vehicles in 2015 to take advantage of the IRS Section 179 business tax deduction?
Yes 46.67%
No 53.33%
I don't know 0%