I hope your introductory picture I saw in the last issue of PDB ("The New Guy," May/June 2013) was just a posed picture, and not an example of how to cut a piece of material. In the photo, it appears that you have created a pinch point where the saw could kick back and could cause serious injury.

Tom Thompson
Eagle Remodeling
Harrison Township, Mich.

The editor replies:
You probably can't tell from looking at that small photo, but I'm not cutting the long piece of 5/4 material. There's a shorter piece on top that's supported by an offcut, and I'm trimming a 30-degree bevel on the end of it. Of course, the picture is staged — I'd already cut the bevel when the photo was taken. But thanks for your note about safety — it's an important subject for both experienced and inexperienced builders. Maybe it's time for another PDB article on it.