A Winnepeg, Canada, homeowner is fighting claims by the city that her deck violates maximum-height regulations, arguing that erosion and settling around her house is to blame. When the deck was built 20 years ago, Diane Saladin said, she wasn't required to get a permit because the deck height was less than 60 centimeters (about 24 inches). Now it measures 31 inches off the ground and the city wants her to cough up $500 for a permit and penalty. Saladin, however, says two decades worth of erosion and settling at the site is the culprit. "I feel like I'm being bullied," she said. "They're pushing and they're bullying … I'm not guilty of anything." As the soil height has dropped, the family has been forced shore up the deck to keep it level. The widow is still hoping the city will waive the fees. Read More