Installing Pavers

Proper preparation of the subsoil, base, and bedding layers will keep a hardscape looking great for years

Proper preparation of the subsoil, base, and bedding layers will keep a hardscape looking great for years


Hardscaping Articles

  • Outdoor Living Spaces Remain Popular

    Outdoor spaces are no flash in the pan. Judges for a recent National Association of Home Builders design competition said outdoor spaces are an "essential design trend" nationally and at the top of many must-have lists for both home buyers and renters, The Tennessean reports.

  • Deck Addition Payback

    Adding a basic pressure-treated wood deck cost an average of $9,539 nationally and returned more than 87% of that on the resale of the house, according to the 2014 Remodeling Cost vs. Value survey. A composite deck was roughly $6,000 more costly, but returned a lower percentage, 74%, at resale. See...

  • Installing Low-Voltage Wiring

    After scrambling to find someone to install low-voltage wiring on his jobs more often than he liked, contractor Victor Rasilla decided he'd learn how to do it himself. He found the tools and skills weren't out of reach. Here are the tools he keeps in his toolbox to get the job done.

  • Think Twice About Drone Flights

    Sending up a camera-armed drone is an effective way of getting a bird's eye view of progress on the job. But as the operation of drones becomes more commonplace, Forbes contributor John Goglia offers a few words of caution about the commercial use of these unmanned aircraft.

  • Installing a Deck Ledger Over Exterior Foam

    More builders than ever are installing rigid foam insulation on exterior walls, improving energy efficiency but complicating the installation of a deck ledger. Fine Homebuilding's Justin Fink explains how to handle this important structural challenge.

  • Scuppers and Drains for Waterproof Decks

    Bill Leys has seen his share of rotten decks, and a common trouble spot is where drains and scuppers penetrate deck surfaces. Leys writes about how to avoid the problems in this Troubleshooting column from The Journal of Light Construction.

  • Composite Decking Maintenance

    Regular cleaning and sealing will keep composite decking looking like new

  • TimberHex Landscape Screws

    Screw Products says its TimberHex timber truss and landscape screws range in size from #14x4 inches to #17x11 inches. Screws are available in black and gray and are made from heat-treated, hardened steel.

  • Why You Should Incorporate

    If you're running a small business and trying to decide whether to form a corporation or an LLC, have a look at this article from Small Business Trends. The advantages to incorporation are many.

  • Should Remodelers Boycott Angie's List?

    Angie's List, the online portal for business reviews, had a rough year: net losses of $33 million in 2013. Remodeling wants to know whether pros should help drive the company under by boycotting it. Use this link to put in your two cents or read what other pros are saying about it.

  • Shovel Decks or Not?

    This winter's higher-than-normal snowfall has probably got more than a few people wondering whether they should be shoveling off their decks to avoid damage. Find that answer and other winter decking tips at this blog.

  • A Pitch for Real Wood

    The California Redwood Association says real wood has a few environmental advantages over wood-plastic composite decking. The trade group says a life-cycle assessment finds that redwood, unlike some composites, is completely recyclable and biodegradable, and it consumes less energy to manufacture.

  • From Truck to Van

    Driving a pickup is second nature to many builders, but there is another way of looking at work transportation. Writing in Tools of the Trade, Aaron Telian describes his transition from trucks to a European-style van and takes you on a guided tour of how he's outfitted his new work vehicle.

  • See How Recip Blades Are Made

    The reciprocating (or recip) saw has made life a whole lot easier for builders and remodelers, but without good blades these tools wouldn't do much. David Frane of Tools of the Trade offers a guided tour of the Lenox factory in Massachusetts where the company's recip blades are made.

  • Houzz Has a New Design Tool

    Houzz now offers a free website-publishing tool for designers and builders. The service, called "Site Designer," gathers photos and information that a building professional has already posted to the Houzz website. The result can be used as the professional's own business website, according to...