Installing Pavers

Proper preparation of the subsoil, base, and bedding layers will keep a hardscape looking great for years

Proper preparation of the subsoil, base, and bedding layers will keep a hardscape looking great for years


Hardscaping Articles

  • These posts and rails are made of treated southern yellow pine, while the balusters are aluminum. Note the post-mounted built-in deck lighting, a great upgrade for dining after dark.

    Custom Railings

    While rail kits are popular, some deck builders prefer to distinguish their projects with custom site-built railing designs.

  • New Pavers From Pine Hall Brick Co.

    The Esplanade and Beale Street lines add even more options to an already extensive paver menu

  • Vinyl, Composite, and PVC Fencing

    Improved quality and durability has fueled demand for fencing that’s not made of wood

  • What Do Framers Carry?

    No framer wants to carry around tools he doesn't need. So what's essential? In this Tools of the Trade feature, Tim Uhler takes us on a tour of what's made the cut in his tool bags.

  • How Many Leads Are Enough?

    In one of his business chalkboard discussions, Hanley Wood editorial director Sal Alfano tackles an issue many builders grapple with-how to develop enough qualified leads to meet a specific revenue target. The answer may surprise you.

  • Gossen Launches Newsletter

    Gossen now publishes an online newsletter aimed at keeping contractors, dealers, and salespeople up to date on company products and initiatives. The latest issue, for example, included recommendations on what types of fasteners to use with Gossen decking.

  • Ideas for Patio Borders

    A number of techniques can be used to separate lawns and gardens and otherwise define outdoor spaces. Dan Gregory offers a few ideas in this feature from Custom Home.

  • Ultimate Track Saw Workbench

    Breaking down sheet goods would be a whole lot easier if you had access to this rolling work station designed to work with a track saw. David Frane gives the details in this Tools of the Trade video.

  • Nail Gun Safety

    Pneumatic nail guns are involved in 40,000 injuries a year that require emergency room treatment, and they are the most common cause of tool-related hospitalization among construction workers. But there is a way of reducing those numbers, according to a Duke University Medical Center professor.

  • Help With Choosing a Saw Blade

    On its blog, Rockler Hardware has posted a useful primer on saw blade design. It explains the basics of blade design, covers various tooth configurations, and makes recommendations for different blades based on intended use. If you're new to the business, or can't remember the difference between a...

  • A Tall Deck in Earthquake Country

    A steel moment frame and plenty of lateral reinforcement were the keys to resisting seismic forces

  • Azek Standard and Resurfacing Pavers

    New versions offer more design possibilities

  • Buzon Adjustable Screwjack Pedestals

    Made from 80% recycled polypropylene, these pedestals are designed to support decks, terraces, and other surfaces

  • Composite Decking Maintenance

    Regular cleaning and sealing will keep composite decking looking like new

  • Safety Is Not a Casual Thing

    If you sometimes feel that on-the-job accidents are what happen to other people, watching this video might change your mind.