• Woman Burned in Deck Collapse

    A concrete deck at a Forest Park, Ga., apartment complex collapsed during a Labor Day barbeque, sending three people to the ground. One woman, trapped by concrete debris and burned by a hot grill, was treated at a local hospital and released the following day.

  • Curbing Exposure to Silica Dust

    A shop vacuum attached to a circular saw is capable of removing 81% of hazardous silica dust from the air, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health says.

  • The Risks of High-Pressure Washing

    Researchers testing the surface of a South Florida deck built with CCA-treated lumber warn that pressure-washing can release dangerous compounds. Using bleach makes the situation worse.

  • Ladder Safety Reminder

    A fall from a stepladder can result in serious injury, so make sure you're using it properly

  • Motion-Activated LED Spotlights

    Networked wireless LEDs light up dark spaces without complicated and expensive wiring

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