2007 Issues

January-February 2007 January-February 2007

In this issue: Better Decks = Higher Profits — Housed-Stringer Exterior Stairs — Should You Buy a Deck Franchise? — Designing Pier Footings

March-April 2007 March-April 2007

In this issue: Installing Cable Railings — Maintenance & Restoration of Wood Decks — Estimate Like a Pro — Don't Build Decks That Rot

May-June 2007 May-June 2007

In this issue: Elevated Decks — Low-Cost Deck Drainage — Make Your Family's Business Thrive — Footings From New England To California — Rod Railings

July-August 2007 July-August 2007

In this issue: Making It as a One-Man Band — Hidden Fasteners — Decks in the Line of Fire — New Ledger Attachment Requirements Adopted — Rotproof Fences

September-October 2007 September-October 2007

In this issue: Deck Finishes — Ledgers on Challenging Walls — Labor Costs — Making and Using a Water Level

November-December 2007 November-December 2007

In this issue: Add Character With Curves — Synthetic Decking — Framing a Pergola — Are You a Tradesperson or a Businessperson?

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