2012 Issues

January-February 2012 January-February 2012

In this issue: Synthetic Decking Roundup — Handling Lateral Loads — Bidding and Building Large Projects

March-April 2012 March-April 2012

In this issue: Finishes for Wood Decks — Competing in the New Economy — Rustic Is in the Details

May-June 2012 May-June 2012

In this issue: Building an Elliptical Deck — Helical Pile Deck Foundations — Keeping Water Out of Decks

July-August 2012 July-August 2012

In this issue: Curved Deck Stairs — Freestanding Decks — Blending Hardscape With a Deck

September-October 2012 September-October 2012

Supporting a Deck With a Retaining Wall — Structural Hardware — Lessons Learned in the Housing Market Crash

November 2012 November 2012

Designing for Shade — Placing Concrete Slabs — Custom Railings

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