Los Angeles-based design/build company ReInhabit specializes in “artfully re-engineering” period homes in southern California using an eclectic combination of original, new, and salvaged material. On one of their recent projects—the vintage 1925 bungalow shown here—they recycled redwood from a West L.A. music studio and used it as flooring for the front porch, and resided the porch gable with old wine-barrel planks. The redwood railing balusters have a bandsawn profile, a signature detail that the company has used (with minor variations) for railings and fences on some of their other projects as well.

Out back, the home’s kitchen, living, and dining areas literally open up to the outdoors, thanks to an automatic roll-up door salvaged from an old commercial building. With the press of a button, the home expands onto a redwood deck, which has a tall fence for privacy.

Andrew Wormer is the editor of PDB.