A Tall Deck in Earthquake Country

The multistory deck is anchored to the hillside by five 20-foot-deep reinforced concrete footings. Two of the footings support a steel moment frame, which is welded to 1-inch-thick steel plates fitted with 24-inch-long anchor bolts embedded in the concrete.

A three-story steel moment frame reinforces the deck framing against lateral loads, and helps support some of the framing. The frame was welded together on site from 6-inch by 6-inch steel columns and 6-inch by 8-inch steel cross members.

The moment frame is diagonally braced with 1-inch-diameter threaded rod, which is bolted to brackets welded to the steel columns.

Multiple DTT2 tension ties were specified by the engineer for the ledgers at each deck level to help resist lateral loads.

Vertical metal straps were fastened to the foundation and directly to the studs in several locations to reinforce the connection between the wall framing and the foundation.

Custom-fabricated brackets attach the wood framing to the steel moment frame where required.

Contrasting composite-decking colors help differentiate the multiple levels of the deck. The decking was face-screwed to the framing.

The deck’s posts and rails were made from ipe and fitted with square aluminum balusters.

To meet code, the deck features 42-inch-high guards and graspable handrails.

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