Building a Commercial Deck

Bison Versadjust pedestals can be used to support conventional wood framing, though in the photo, they are being used to support large-format tile.

The tile on this access ramp is supported by Bison Versadjust pedastals.

Bison Versadjust pedestals have an adjustable screw thread that allows them to be set to a predetermined height.

To avoid damage to the roofing, the author’s crew prefabricated modular 4-by-4-foot deck grids on the ground, stacked them on pallets, and lifted them up to the rooftop with a crane.

The ZipLevel Pro-2000 is a high-precision altimeter that works a little like a water level.

Once installed on top of the pedestals, the grids were fastened together with long structural screws.

The pedestal-supported deck grids wrap around a 120-square-foot bocce court. Steel stanchions for the railing system (to the right of the deck) were installed before the torch-down roofing.

With the aluminum railing sections slipped down over the stanchions, the deck is nearing completion. Yet to be installed is the fascia, which will wrap around the entire deck to box it in.

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