Down On The Boardwalk

Construction on the Round Lake Preserve boardwalk began in October 2014.

Helical piles were used to support the boardwalk framing in the sensitive wetlands. They were installed by Techno Metal Post of Albany.

It was actually easier to install the piles once winter arrived and the wetlands froze over.

Making sure the piles were located exactly according to plan was tricky in the difficult conditions.

Once the 2-inch dia. piles were in place, the crew installed galvanized anchor brackets and L4x4x1/2 cross-bracing.

Once the snow melted, the water level in Round Lake and Anthony Kill temporarily rose to the level of the anchor brackets.

The project required about 25,000-board feet of 2x12 framing lumber and 5/4 x 6 decking. For efficient access, the stacks were arranged in the order that they would be needed as they were delivered to the site.

Because the four-ply beams were too wide to fit into the 6 1/8-inch wide U-shaped brackets on top of the helical piles, 1/8-inch deep mortises needed to be routed at the ends of each beam.

DTTZ brackets were used to install the 42-inch high handrail posts, which are located 4-ft. on center.

During construction, a portable awning provided welcome shelter from the sun and rain.

The crew installed decking as they framed the boardwalk out into the wetlands, enhancing access with aluminum planks.

The boardwalk terminates in a 24-ft. x 30-ft. observation platform, as well as a floating boat launch.

The rail system consists of 2x6s face-nailed to the posts, and a continuous 2x6 top rail. A 7-ft. wide aluminum gangplank leads to the floating boat launch.

A view back toward the parking area for the Round Lake Preserve boardwalk .

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