Preparation & Base

Every paver installation starts with excavating down to stable soil. Any unsuitable fill is removed and its replacement compacted to ASTM standards.

Crusher run stone laid in 3- or 4-inch lifts forms the base layer.

Lengths of one-inch-diameter conduit are set into the compacted base to serve as screed guides.

After adding stone around the guides, the crew screeds and tamps the surface.

Smaller, 3/4-inch-diameter conduit laid directly on the compacted base guides screeding of a concrete-sand bedding layer.

Before laying pavers, the crew removes the screed guides and fills the resulting troughs in the bedding layer with sand.

Many types of pavers are best installed on a loose bedding layer, then set with a plate compactor. This creates a uniformly flat surface and drives sand into the joints to lock the pavers in place.

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