Rehabbing a Rotted Porch Stair

Poor drainage and a lack of maintenance caused the original newels to rot.

A pressure-treated frame was built to support the new posts and bottom tread.

PVC strips raised the blocks supporting the new newels off the ground to enhance drying.

The risers were ripped from sheet PVC using a Festool track saw.

Cortex fasteners secured the risers to the stringers.

Mahogany 1x4 treads were secured with trimhead stainless steel screws. The vertical wooden strip spaced the treads consistently.

Using a cardboard template helped to fit the bottom tread boards neatly around the newels.

With the tread boards temporarily screwed to a backer board, the template was set in place.

A hole saw made quick and clean work of the cut.

Black spray paint made the frame and lower part of the newel practically invisible once the tread boards were installed.

The author carefully eyed the bottom tread boards during installation to ensure an even gap.

PVC blocking was screwed to the bottom of the newel caps to help align them on the posts.

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