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Most post bases fasten to a bolt that’s cast or epoxied into the concrete footing. Once the post is located and the nut tightened, the base is nailed to the post.

The height on some post bases can be adjusted with a threaded rod that’s cast or epoxied into the footing.

Joist hangers are very common, but people still install them incorrectly. Be sure to fill every nail hole with the diameter nail called out on the hanger or with structural screws made by the same company as the hanger.

Concealed-flange joist hangers cost a little more than standard hangers, but they allow for a neat, code-compliant joist attachment at the ends of supporting members such as ledgers.

Not all joists run square to their support member. Joist hangers are available in 45-degree and adjustable configurations.

Far faster to install than lag screws or through-bolts, structural screws can be a great alternative for attaching ledgers.

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