Taking a Look Back at Deck Expo 2015

The Remodeling/Deck Expo/JLC Live show was held in Chicago this year.

There was plenty to see and do on the show floor of the Deck Expo.

To demonstrate the flexibilty of composite materials, Kim Katwijk used Heatcon heat blankets to warm up lengths of Clubhouse decking.

Heated to about 210 degrees, the decking becomes very flexible.

Heat forming can be a valuable technique when building decks with curves, but how often do you get a chance to turn a $50 deck board into a pretzel.

Goberco- a Canadian manufacturer - brought examples of their deck drainage membrane to the Deck Expo this year.

Frequent PDB contributor Bobby Parks (upper right) could be found at the Fortress Building Products booth.

Dexerdry is a flexible waterproof gasket made of recycled materials that fits in the groove of composite deck boards, allowing you to create a weatherproof space below the decking.

If you have a question about deck fasteners, Jim Miller of Screw Products is the person to speak to.

The Simpson Strongtie-sponsored deck collapse is always a popular presentation at the Deck Expo. The deck on the left features a lot of Simpson hardware; the deck that is collapsing on the right doesn't.

Seen on the show floor were examples from one of the first production runs of the TriHorse modular workstation, which was funded in part with a Kickstarter campaign.

PDB contributing editor Kim Katwijk discussing deck hardware during his show floor demonstration.

Nick, Jason, and Mark McManus of Mbrico Tile Decks, winner of NADRA's annual People's Choice award at the 2015 Deck Expo.

Looking from Navy Pier toward downtown Chicago.

A night view looking across the Chicago River toward the neo-Gothic Tribune Tower, another iconic Chicago landmark.

A nightime view of Chicago's famous Wrigley Building, which opened in 1922.

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