Upselling customers on accessories is an opportunity not only to boost profits, but also to increase customer satisfaction. A logical addition to almost any deck project is outdoor lighting, which makes spaces safer and more inviting. Manufacturers continue to add new styles to the wide range of railing, post, and stair-riser fixtures already available, and most feature user-friendly low-voltage LED lamps that can be safely installed with minimal help from an electrician.

If a deck is elevated, adding an under-deck drainage system will provide a dry area underneath the deck that can be used for additional living space or for useful storage. If the deck is close to the ground, lattice can be added around the perimeter to cover the framing and provide a more finished look.

Finally, don’t forget the finish. All decks need regular maintenance, while wood decks need an initial finish shortly after completion and periodic recoating to protect the wood from UV light and the elements.