Simpson Strong-Tie’s new fastener is the XEQ self-tapping screw. Designed specifically to attach Simpson connectors to cold-formed steel framing, it’s the only fastener, the company says, that’s load-rated for the L70Z and Ls70Z connectors used with Trex Elevations steel deck framing.

What makes the fasteners unique, Simpson says, is a dual heat-treating process. Screw tips are hardened so they can penetrate steel, but the core of the screw is softer and so less apt to fail from embrittlement, according to the manufacturer. Fasteners also have a proprietary corrosion-resistant coating for use outdoors.

The No. 10 x 3/4-inch hex-head screws come in boxes of 100 and 1,000. A box of 100 costs between $18 and $22.

Starborn’s new entry is the white Headcote Cap-Tor, an auger-point No.? 10 x 2 1/3-inch stainless steel screw with a star-recess drive. These screws are designed for use with capstock decking and white trim from Azek, Versatex, Kleer, Trex, CertainTeed, and others.

Using a Smart-Bit depth setter to install the screws will prevent marring or scuffing the work surface, the company says.

The Starborn fasteners are available in lots of 100, 350, 1,050, and 1,750; pricing wasn’t announced. — S.G.

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Starborn, 800/596-7747,