Azek’s cellular PVC column wraps have interlocking joints that press together — with no need for hammers or other tools. Three of the panels are connected with taped seams and fold around a structural support, while the fourth panel locks into place.

The company says to prevent corner seams from separating, they should be glued with Azek Adhesive or some other brand of quick-setting adhesive, such as Extreme Adhesives Fast Cure, Devcon Trim Bonder, or OSI TeQBond. Once the adhesive has cured, the tape connecting the panels can be removed.

Azek also recommends fastening the wrap to the structural post at the very top or bottom, where fastener heads will be concealed by trim.

Column wraps are sized to fit around structural 4x4, 6x6, and 8x8 posts and are available in 10-foot lengths, which can be trimmed to fit shorter posts. They come in one finish — white — and don’t need to be painted, although if another color is preferred, the cellular PVC has excellent paint adhesion, the company says.

Wraps have a 25-year limited warranty. Prices range from about $90 for a 4x4 wrap to $180 for one that fits an 8x8 post.

Azek Building Products, 877/275-2935,