Vance Fox Photography

The Cable Connection has re-introduced its 3/16-inch Ultra-tec Push-Locks four years after it suspended sales to work out some kinks in the design.

Until 2008, the company offered similar connectors for both 1/8-inch and 3/16-inch cable railing systems. But there were enough failures with the 3/16-inch version that the company decided to re-examine the design.

The problem was that 3/16-inch cable compresses much more readily than 1/8-inch cable, so the locking mechanisms were not interchangeable. After reworking and testing the product, the company is confident it will be as reliable as its 1/8-inch cousin.

The new connectors come in seven different versions, the same as those for the 1/8-inch size. Prices vary depending on the fitting. — S.G.

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