Deceuninck North America

PVC decking manufacturer Deceuninck North America now has an arrangement with FastenMaster that will allow the company to private-label the Tiger Claw TC-G hidden fastener and Cortex screws and plugs under its Clubhouse brand.

Product manager Scott Ricke says the arrangement should make it easier for decking contractors to sell a decking-and-railing package to consumers, while the “one-stop shopping” will minimize ordering headaches for builders.

Clubhouse was once sold under the Kodiak label and later as Solstice. Ricke says the decking and railing were rebranded last year with the Clubhouse label, as the manufacturer decided to “start from scratch.”

Its strongest market is in the mid-Atlantic region, but Clubhouse products also are sold in Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Colorado. Clubhouse decking sold in the U.S. is manufactured in Monroe, Ohio.

The Tiger Claw hidden fasteners can be installed with a pneumatic tool using “scrails,” which are shot in like a nail but can be backed out with a drill/driver. Ricke says the system allows an installer to put down as much as 400 square feet of decking per hour.

The company didn’t disclose pricing for the decking-fastener package, but Ricke says it’s priced competitively with other premium decking. — S.G.

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