Superdeck Deck & Dock, an elastomeric coating that’s designed to revive cracked and weatherworn wood surfaces, holds down loose wood splinters and fills cracks up to 1/4 inch wide. The coating expands and contracts with the deck’s surface rather than peeling or cracking, the manufacturer says, and it contains mildewcides and UV protection. For areas that are exposed to water, the company recommends combining the coating with its Duckback Anti-Skid Additive.

Deck & Dock is similar to Rust-Oleum’s Deck Restore and Behr’s DeckOver products. Available in four colors, which can be tinted, it’s sold for between $42 and $52 per gallon and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. A dealer locator can be found at the company’s website.

Duckback Products, 800.825.5382,