Fairway Building Products

Fairway Building Products is offering a mounting insert that can be used in place of wood for vinyl railing post sleeves.

Unlike wood, the company says, these inserts won’t crack, split, or rot. They’re mounted to deck framing, rather than to the decking itself, to meet strength requirements of the International Residential Code.

One version of the post includes shims that can correct an out-of-level installation by as much as 5 degrees. Fairway also sells a 5-inch by 5-inch spacer-block kit that fits over its 4-inch structural post, for larger sleeves.

Structural posts can be used for 36-inch and 42-inch railing heights, making the posts suitable for both residential and commercial applications. They can be installed on wood decks, or on concrete or stone patios.

They’re made with galvanized pipe with 1/8-inch-thick walls, welded 3 1/2-inch-square base plates, and two 3 3/4-inch polypropylene blocks that keep post sleeves centered.

For pricing, the company suggests using its dealer locator, available at its website. An online search turned up structural post inserts for about $50 each.

Fairway Building Products, 800.598.5245, fairwaybp.com.