Though designed to look like wood, Fypon’s 9-foot-tall steel-reinforced polyurethane columns aren’t susceptible to insect or moisture damage, like wood can be.

Woodgrain Structural Columns have molded caps, but the bases are loose so the columns can be cut to the desired height on the jobsite. Fypon says the steel reinforcement—which provides each column a load-bearing capacity of 12,000 pounds—should be cut using either a hacksaw or a reciprocating saw.

Available in a single height and style, columns are 5 1/2 inches square along their length, and 7 1/8 inches square at the base and at the cap. They come pre-primed and ready for paint or stain.

Each column, including its installation hardware, costs $480.

The company also makes non-structural PVC column wraps for wood or steel structural posts.

Fypon, 800.446.3040,

Scott Gibson is a writer in East Waterboro, Maine.