Here’s a masonry project for those with little prior masonry experience. An Entertainer Fire Pit can be assembled in about an hour, according to General Shale. Kits—which include 60 masonry landscaping stones, a metal fireplace insert and cover, construction adhesive, and a rubber mallet—can be delivered by General Shale directly and moved to the assembly area by forklift. When finished, the fire pit is 41 inches in diameter and 18 inches high. The company recommends siting it on a level spot away from combustible materials. You’ll need to excavate 4 inches of soil from an area 48 inches in diameter; then tamp down the area or cover it with a layer of crushed stone before you set the first course of block. There are four courses in all, held together with construction adhesive. We found it online for $390. General Shale,