I-lighting has simplified the wiring for its LED deck lights, making them less prone to installation errors.

System components plug together with what look like standard SAE connectors, similar to what you’d find on wiring for a boat trailer. With the old-style lighting kits, it was possible for builders to plug parts together incorrectly. But the new components are not polarity sensitive, and that should eliminate a common source of problems, according to sales and marketing director Sean Ryan.

Lights are sold in “kits” that contain all the parts and pieces for a single post or a single stair riser, including the light fixture, LED lamp, wire, and fasteners. To order lighting for a deck, a builder simply counts up posts and risers and adds a power supply, Ryan says. A video explaining how the lights are installed is available at the company’s website.

Low-voltage LED lamps use 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs and are rated for 50,000 hours of use. I-lighting also offers a photocell that can turn lights off and on depending on ambient light, and a remote-control dimmer that can override the photo eye sensor.

A riser lighting kit retails for about $24. Post kits are about $40 and the power supply is about $75. — S.G.

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