Kichler Lighting’s TaskWork LED lighting tapes come in strips up to 20 feet long, with different versions for indoor and outdoor installations.

Fully dimmable, the 24-volt light strips are available with a range of white and colored lamps. Whites include a 2,700-degree Kelvin (K) warm white light, a 3,000 K pure white light, and a 4,000 K cool white light. (For reference, sunlight has a color temperature of about 5,500 K). Color options are red, green, blue, and yellow; the company also offers a color-changing tape controlled by an infrared remote.

Customers can select high- or low-lumen output, depending on how the lighting will be used. The 200-lumen-per-foot version is best for task lighting, the 100-lumen-per-foot for accent lighting.

One side of the tape is coated with an adhesive that sticks even to rough surfaces. The strips plug in or can be direct-wired to a power supply, and are available in a variety of lengths as well as in 100-foot rolls.

LEDs have an estimated life span of 40,000 hours and come with a three-year warranty. Prices vary depending on the type of strip. — S.G.

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