Endwood cellular PVC fencing carries a 30-year prorated warranty for stain and fade resistance, and according to the manufacturer, is as much as 40% lighter than its wood-composite competitors. The fence components — rails, 6-inch-wide pickets, and posts — are designed to be assembled together on the job site.

Rails measure 1 5/8 inches by 2 3/4 inches. To help stabilize the fence and prevent sagging, the center rail has two channels for steel tubing, which can be ordered from Enduris or purchased locally.

Pickets are typically attached to the rails with ring-shank nails painted to match. Because the PVC has better nail-holding strength than wood, nail pops aren’t a problem, the company says.

For posts, there are four options: square vinyl post sleeves that fit over treated 4x4 wood posts, 5-inch-square posts designed for placement in concrete in the ground, and two styles of metal posts.

Fencing comes in 6- and 8-foot heights; when assembled, each fence section is 8 feet long, but rails can be cut to make shorter runs.

Available through distributors nationwide, the fencing comes in three colors — copper, agate, and granite — and costs between $26 and $30 per foot, depending on post style and where the fencing is purchased. — S.G.

Enduris, 888/329-7428, enduris.com.