Screen Tight now has a companion to its existing Fast Track screen system, the Mini Track.

The Mini system consists of low-profile 3⁄4-inch-by-3⁄4-inch extruded aluminum channels that are attached at the perimeter of the screen opening with small clips. An installer starts by laying out and attaching the clips, then cuts channel pieces to length and snaps them over the heads of the clips with a rubber mallet.

A spline forced into a groove in the channel captures the edges of the fiberglass screen; excess screen is then trimmed away.

Screen Tight says the Mini system is especially helpful for upper-story installations. Unlike many similar systems, this one has clips, channels, and screen that can be installed from the inside, saving builders the trouble of climbing up and down ladders. That should make installation safer as well as faster.

The Mini is similar to the Fast Track system except that it can’t be used to make a railing system.

The powder-coated aluminum extrusions come in lengths of 8 feet, 10 feet, and 12 feet and in a white or a bronze finish. The Mini Track system costs about $2 per square foot of opening.

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