Frustration with patio edges that collapsed over time led landscape contractor Jeff Goodman to develop a spike that he says holds edging in place more effectively than common spikes.

The defining feature of the 10-inch Edgetite spike is a curved tip designed to deflect away from the pavers as the spike is hammered in. The spike ends up in an angled position with the head pushed up against the edging, which helps the edging and pavers resist movement due to freeze-thaw cycles.

Videos showing the spikes being installed are posted on the company’s website.

A box of 160 spikes costs about $60. You can buy them through one of the retailers listed on the company’s website; Edgetite does not sell directly to installers.

Edgetite, 630/514-0052, edgetite.com.

Scott Gibson is a freelance writer in East Waterboro, Maine.