Simpson Strong-Tie's MPBZ post base.
Simpson Strong-Tie's MPBZ post base.

The manufacturer touts the hardware's "moment-resisting" characteristics, but builders will appreciate the fact they can use fewer or even eliminate knee braces and still produce structurally sound structures.

Simpson says the key is the overlapping sleeve design, which prevents the post from rotating around its base when lateral loads are applied from above. The MPBZ is the first post base capable of moment-resistance in wood columns and posts, according to the manufacturer. The company recommends it for structures such as carports, fences, and decks.

Features include 1-inch tabs at the bottom to keep the base of the post out of standing water; indicators and internal tabs that identify the required embedment depth in concrete; and Simpson's "ZMAX" galvanized coating for corrosion resistance.

It's available in sizes for 4x4 and 6x6 posts.

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