Outdoor lighting complements good deck designs, and RAB Lighting now offers an LED (light-emitting diode) floodlight that can use up to 70 percent less energy than a comparable halogen fixture.

LEDs have extremely long life as well as low operating costs. Even after 50,000 hours of use, the LEDs will put out 70 percent of their initial light, according to RAB.

The LFLOOD carries a five-year warranty and is UL listed for wet locations. It’s available in both 10-watt and 13-watt versions. The 13-watt lamp compares to a 100-watt halogen or metal halide fixture; the 10-watt lamp compares to a 60-watt halogen.

The fixture comes with a field-switchable reflector — allowing it to be used as either a floodlight or a spotlight — and a glare shield, to control light output. The die-cast housings come in four colors: bronze, verde green, white, and black.

Costs are higher than for conventional fluorescent or incandescent fixtures, but your customer won’t be climbing a ladder anytime soon to change a bulb. The 10-watt fixture retails for $142; the 13-watt for $177.

RAB Lighting, 888/722-1000, rabweb.com.