Grip Rite

Grip-Rite says its PrimeGuard MAX fasteners come with a lifetime warranty against corrosion while increasing total deck construction costs by only about 1 1/2%.

Made from 316 stainless steel, PrimeGuard MAX screws contain between 16% and 18% chromium, a maximum of 0.08% carbon, and as much as 3% molybdenum for the best available protection, the company says. The fasteners can be used in all types of treated wood as well as in cedar and redwood.

Grip-Rite makes a variety of decking fasteners, including square- and star-drive screws, composite-deck screws, and trim-heads. They’re available in 1-pound and 5-pound containers with bilingual labels. Grip-Rite doesn’t list prices, but Lowe’s sells a 1-pound container of #10 by 3-inch PrimeGuard MAX square-drive screws for about $15.

Grip-Rite, 800.676.7777,