For outdoor lumber that needs a facelift, try Ready Seal professional-grade stain and sealer. Ideal for decks, fences, wood siding, pergolas, and other exterior wood surfaces and structures, the all-in-one product is formulated for easy application and long-lasting durability.

To apply Ready Seal, users need to clean the wood with a water and bleach mixture. Once the wood is dry, Ready Seal can be spray- or roller-applied, with no need to back-brush, and eliminating the labor of staining the surface first and making a second application with a sealer. The blend comprises resin, finely ground transoxide pigments, oil, and algaecides that penetrate to protect and preserve the wood. The maker recommends a light cleaning and reapplication every two years on horizontal surfaces, and every three to four years on vertical surfaces.

Available in a variety of colors, Ready Seal is guaranteed not to run, streak, crack, chip, flake, or peel, and easy upkeep means no sanding or stripping. The material has lower VOCs with levels under 100 grams per litre, making it code-approved in every state. Ready Seal | 972.434.2028 |