I noticed in the cover photo of the Nov/Dec 2014 issue of Professional Deck Builder that the worker who appears to be operating the tile saw is wearing his safety glasses in the wrong place. They are designed to protect the eyes, not the forehead. He should also be wearing hand protection, since cut tiles can have sharp edges. Cut pieces should be disposed of in a proper container and not left underfoot where someone can trip over them.

I realize that promoting safety and professionalism in the building trades is a challenge, as many small businesses either do not understand or fail to communicate to their employees the nature of safety gear or the reasons why it should be used. But in the future, please consider these comments—which are offered to support and promote safety, not to criticize the article, the individual, or the companies represented—and try to show the proper use of PPE, or personal protective equipment.

James A. Youngman
Corning, N.Y.