Zip-Up UnderDeck

Having drainage and a ceiling underneath an elevated deck can make the space below far more useful and attractive. One option is to install the Zip-Up UnderDeck system of PVC components.

Rails that are set every 4 feet pitch 1-foot-wide PVC ceiling panels away from the house at 1/8 inch per foot, while main rails run the length of the deck and support the panels. Water that falls through the decking is picked up by the panels and diverted to a gutter.

Installation requires a few basic tools but no specialized tools or equipment, and can be done on new or existing decks.

The ceiling panels, which snap into the main rails during assembly, can easily be unzipped and taken down for cleaning or to provide access to utilities in the ceiling, the company says.

Components come in white or beige, in two finishes. Main rails and ceiling panels come in lengths of 8 feet, 12 feet, and 16 feet. Wall trim and pitching rail comes in 8-foot and 12-foot lengths.

The manufacturer guarantees the system for 25 years. A video describing how components are installed is available at the company’s website, as is a dealer locator.

Contractors pay around $6 per square foot for materials. The company says installed pricing averages about $11.50 per square foot.

Zip-Up UnderDeck, 888/449-4787,