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Concrete Decks for Coastal Homes

Elevated concrete slabs formed with the help of structural steel panels are a good... More

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Retrofit Post Base

The RPBZ from Simpson can be used for new or existing connections More

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Faster Deck Piers vbvddzfsecrx

Pin-pile deck footings promise quick installation in the right soils More

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Lateral Load Anchors and Mudsills

Inspect sill plates for structural issues before attaching a lateral-load anchor... More

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Simpson Strong-Tie SDWH Timber Hex-HDG Screws

Designed for heavy-duty marine and coastal applications More

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Rules for Drilling and Notching Deck Framing

Following these simple guidelines when modifying joists, beams, and posts will... More

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Solid Post Attachments With Threaded Rod

When the railing post is on the outside of the frame, reinforce the attachment by... More

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More on Deck Failures

A code enforcement officer in the Buffalo, N.Y., area believes that most decks would fail if loaded to their code-required design capacity More

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Not a Replacement for Lateral Load Anchors

Research at Washington State University shows that screwed joist hangers are... More

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Fypon Woodgrain Structural Columns

Steel-reinforced polyurethane holds up better than wood to insects and moisture More

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